I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of music lately and about the awesomeness of God.

A couple of weeks ago our accompanist and choir director, Zhanna, and I were meeting to work on hymn selections, but also on plans for special music, such as (hopefully) a trombone added to the Gathering Hymn on Palm/Passion Sunday, and the trumpet player who will (hopefully) be playing with us on Easter Sunday, and the choir anthem that will be sung on that first glorious Sunday of Easter when we are drawn forth with organ and trumpet from our Lenten time of fasting and preparation and into the glorious Easter season, a time for praising and glorifying the risen Christ who draws us into new and risen life.

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Redeemer’s Church Council has been exploring the potential of installing a solar array over the last four months. At our Community Meeting held after worship on February 26th, we shared the following presentation as part of inviting the entire congregation to join us in prayer and discernment. We invite you to check out the presentation in full, but also to read through the following highlights.

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As I started writing this month’s Ministry in Motion note, I found my thoughts scattered. So I turned to God, through prayer, to give me guidance. This is what came to me.

I returned to God and church in January, 2017. Since then I have learned how powerful prayer is.

Then, guided by Pastor Tobias, I really started to feel it. No, there were no loud claps of thunder, rather there was a gentle nudge to listen to the gentle breezes and whispers through which God speaks to us.

I was blessed to be nudged to attend Diakonia classes where I stumbled across the following quote from Martin Luther that I’ve found not only helpful, but impactful: 

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Martin Luther King’s birthday - do you know the actual date? Or do you only know that you get a day off? I remember the date for it’s near my birthday. But I also remember the date because of who he was and what he stood for. And I remember the day he was assassinated for the same reasons.

In my Synodical Deacon Annual Report, I spoke of my Call to housing for the unhoused and for affordable and workforce housing. And I said that my Call fits with, and expands on, the Redeemer Lutheran Church, New Paltz Focus Areas of Equality and Justice, and Homelessness.

What has my report to do with MLK’s birthday?

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On behalf of Family of New Paltz, we'd like to share a thank you for your generosity in supporting Project H.O.P.E. during 2022.

Through your support, Family of New Paltz was able to provide food assistance to those in need, especially during the holiday season when the need is acutely felt.  Family provided 246 families with Thanksgiving meals, 76 families with Christmas meals, and Christmas gifts for 322 children and teens!