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  • Called as Christians to be Leaders

    We are called as Christians to be leaders in our congregations, communities, and in the world. We are called, not to timid and tepid leadership, but to bold and courageous leadership that takes risks for the sake of sharing the Gospel – the good news of Christ's love for the world. Jesus called James and John, Simon and Andrew to follow him in a new life and Jesus calls all of us to a new life as well. Jesus told the disciples to leave off fishing in the ocean and, using a beautiful play on words, invites them to come and fish for people. Jesus does not initially explain how they will fish for people. Nevertheless, something about this Jesus guy must have been deeply persuasive because the young men all drop what they are doing and go. In our first lesson today we heard another story of God leading people to new life. We heard about the Israelites being led by Moses and Aaron to the Promised Land. Only in this scripture passage we also hear about how the Israelites struggled to trust God. Maybe we can understand their struggle to trust – they were worried about food and the harsh terrain through which they were passing. Maybe we can look at our own lives and our congregational life and see that we, too, can get caught up in worry, sometimes losing sight of the fact - the fact - that God in Christ has promised to lead us to a new and better life. Read More
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